For people seeking God’s way

Dr. Joe has written a book for women to realize how precious they are to God and it is free.  The title is:  Women are More Precious than Gold


Women precious gold


 Read the book now on this website:  click onto:  Women

Men are also invited to read this book.  But men, I guarantee that 97%  of you will see something that you have never seen before.  This ministry is for people seeking God’s way.

I wrote a tribute about my mom who died the day before her 96th birthday and this date has prophecy in it. I included this tribute at the end of this on-line e-book and I still cry when I read it. Maybe it will inspire you to write about your mom.  Let your mom read or hear your tribute to her before she passes, if possible. I did a tribute for dad but from a recognition point of view in short different writings.  But Mom's tribute, oh my, she was so precious.

Dr. Joe has put all of his other writings into e-books on Kindle.  These writings give insight and interpretations from God’s Word for today’s issues like never before.  Check them out now!

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Understand the Bible and God’s heart.  Can people bend, twist, stretch or put a spin on the Holy Bible and make God fit into their lifestyle and then they go to Heaven?  People who do this are refused by God to enter into Heaven.  See Matthew 7:21-23.  See Hebrews 13:8.

This ministry is for people seeking God’s way and these writings and CD’s will assist you in your journey.

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The Book of Revelation Made Simple to Understand

Is Jesus the Son of God?

How accurate is the Holy Bible?

God’s Thesis for Creation and rebuttal to Evolution

Smart Phones, Amazon, eBay and PayPal are part of End Times Prophecy?  Shocking!

Understand Bible Interpretations written and spoken in everyday conversation

In my quest to find God I have been a Baptist, Presbyterian, Independent and Pentecostal which opened my eyes to who God really is.  We now worship at an on-fire for Jesus outreaching Baptist church that is unlike other Baptist churches I have been to.

For people seeking God’s way these writings and CD’s will assist you in your journey.

Put God into your life.