49 Book of Revelation Prophecies remain to occur. Prophecy wins. God prevails.

This web site is for people who want more of God.  Also, this web site is for people who do not want to go to a church but still want God in their personal life.  Who ever you are God loves you so very much.

Bible accuracy swallows up science.  The Bible is not a fairy tale.  Dr. Joe wanted to know how accurate is the Bible and he set out on a journey searching for Bible accuracy.  What he discovered is astounding.  Bible accuracy swallows up science.

Dr. Joe is primarily a teacher through writing.  His writings will stretch your mind and his CDs will take you on an eye opening journey.  Joe’s passion are the things of the Lord, family, work, and writing to encourage and inform.

Dr. Joe’s 3 CD teachings are:

1]  Smart Phones, Amazon, eBay, PayPal are Part of End Times Prophecy, Shocking
2]  The Accuracy of the Holy Bible Swallows Up Science
3]  God’s Thesis for Creation and Rebuttal of Evolution and Darwinism
God offers His love to you and is calling all people to come unto Him before super chaos begins.  See the … video … about Joe’s CDs.
Learn how to talk with people about the End Times.
The Holy Bible has 1,817 prophecies.  3%, or 56 of the prophecies are in the Book of Revelation.  By subtracting the 7 letters to the 7 churches which have occurred means that only 49 Book of Revelation prophecies remain to occur.  Get ready people. Time is close for End Times chaos.  I am not a dooms day drummer.  I support my writings with evidence.  Fulfilled prophecy wins every discussion.

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One man said that this book is like twenty years of church.

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People are the church: not religion and not denomination.

God bless you.  He gave us His prophecies to know Him.  Prophecy wins.  God prevails.

You are an important person and do not ever forget it.

Dr. Joe

The former web site address was: OkMyLord.com and that address now redirects to Prophecy Wins. I have taken a turn in the road of the ministry God has entrusted me with and now focus on the remaining days before Jesus calls His saints home.