OK My Lord

This web site is for people who want more of God.  Also, this web site is for people who do not want to go to a church but still want God in their personal life.  Who ever you are God loves you so very much.

Bible accuracy swallows up science.  The Bible is not a fairy tale.  Dr. Joe wanted to know how accurate is the Bible and he set out on a journey searching for Bible accuracy.  What he discovered is astounding.  Bible accuracy swallows up science.

Dr. Joe is a teacher and not a pastor or preacher so take as much of your time reading his writings as you wish.

Dr. Joe’s 3 CD teachings are:

1]  Smart Phones, Amazon, eBay, PayPal are Part of End Times Prophecy, Shocking
2]  The Accuracy of the Holy Bible Swallows Up Science
3]  God’s Thesis for Creation and Rebuttal of Evolution and Darwinism
God offers His love to you and is calling all people to come unto Him before super chaos begins.  See the … video … about Joe’s CDs.
Super chaos is beginning to take shape.  A one-world super currency is in its early stages and will be accepted by businesses, countries, and nations around the world.  A one world religion is taking root and a surprising number of ministers are accepting it thinking it is the right thing to do at this time of chaos.  Ministers, religion, or religious leaders cannot save you. Only proclaiming Christ Jesus and Him crucified for your sins and resurrected the third day to give you life will save you.  More people mock and oppose Israel and the Jewish people than ever before.  Dr. Joe will tell you how to go over to the other side of the End Times chaos.
The Holy Bible has 1,817 prophecies and about 1,761 have occurred.  Only some 3% of Bible prophecies remain to occur.  Get ready people. Time is close for End Times chaos.  I am not a dooms day drummer.  I support my writings with evidence.  People will not fear for their safety, health, money, food, a place to live, and have more real friends than ever before in Heaven.  But we must wait until God calls us in His timing.  What a wonderful place it will be when God calls us home.

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I want you to go to Heaven.  Millions upon millions of people around the world have been misled and they think that they are going to Heaven but they are so wrong.  I thought that I was going to Heaven but my, my, my, I was so wrong.  And that is why I write with such passion and compassion.  I do not want you making the same mistakes that I made.

People around the world want to know:  Am I going to Heaven?

Many people around the world say that they are going to Heaven but after reading this web site they may realize that an adjustment or two is needed in their thinking and their heart.

Question:  How do you know that you are Born Again and will go to Heaven?

Answer:  You have become Born Again when you profess and express from the depths of your heart, not your head, that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and embracing His death on the Cross and resurrection three days later into life is the only way to get to Heaven, and your Born Again heart directs your secular mind into following Jesus Christ because of what He did for you on the Cross meaning that you are less than Jesus Christ, meaning that you fall short of holiness and righteousness, meaning that you need Spiritual holiness and righteousness in your life through Jesus Christ, and you constantly return your love to and for Jesus Christ, in all things, until your last conscience breath.

Let me write it another way.  Your heart must be on fire and burning with passion giving Christ Jesus all the honor, glory, and praise.  If the Holy Spirit truly moves into your heart then that is what will happen.  Trust me, if you are truly Born Again then there is fire in your belly and passion in your heart for the Lord.  The greatest majority of people throughout the world who claim themselves as Born Again are just passive want-a-bees.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been so watered down with humanism and humanistic feel-good emotions and I hurt for you who have been misled.  May God have mercy on the person, preacher, or pastor who misled you.  May you rise up with passion and desire for Christ Jesus like never before.  It is about Christ Jesus and Him crucified for your sins and resurrected the third day to give you life.  It is Christ Jesus and what He did for all of us.

God loves you so very very much so get that fire in your belly and passion in your heart for God.  The formula to reach God is found throughout this web site.

Begin your journey through this web site and start your reading with the page titled AAA, then go to ABC, then go to Head or Heart, then go to Bible Accuracy, then go to the pages of your choice.

Joe’s book goes deep into Bible accuracy and so many other subjects.

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One man said that this book is like twenty years of church.

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If you have seven years of presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ or serving Jesus Christ you may be qualified to earn your Doctor of Theology degree from our distance learning seminary while staying at home.

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I like tidbits of wisdom.  Here is one:  Practicing a religion is merely play acting but when Christ Jesus spiritually walks with you through thin and thick then wow, things totally change having that relationship knowing that He is the Messiah.

My brother-in-law, Mike, sent me this one:  One who is constantly wanting more stuff has no room in their heart for thankfulness unto God for what they already have.

My desire is to encourage others in who God is and I do not officiate weddings or funerals.  I just write and speak.

I was anointed with oil by Dr. Owen Johnson, Chancellor and founder of Grace Theological Seminary.  He and Dr. Rogers recognized the calling by God upon me and Dr. Johnson, with many witnesses present, poured new olive oil into a rams horn, prayed over it, and poured it over my head and as it traveled down my shoulders and back he prayed a prayer for God to reveal to me great mysteries of the things of the Lord.  I have not been the same since then.  The men I have studied under were neither left nor right, and for that I am most grateful.  My work is not about weddings, funerals, baptisms, or sacraments as I first thought but about speaking and writing about being sure that one is Born Again.  My entire work is about preparing Believers for the Rapture.

Of a billion people in the world that the Lord could have chosen for this job why He chose me I do not know but I said…….OK My Lord.

People are the church-not religion, not denomination.

I hope you see things in this web site that you have never known before.

God bless you.

You are an important person and do not ever forget it.

Dr. Joe

my e-mail address is: joe@okmylord.com

Understand God now.