Earn your religious Doctor of Theology degree from home

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In this site you will learn things about God and the Bible that you have never seen before.  Dr. Joe, the author of these writings and Chancellor of the school, was touched by God and now he expresses those touches in simple everyday language.

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If you feel the calling you can earn your religious Doctor of Theology degree from home.  Just click onto the writing: Earn your degree which is in our list of many writing.  The total tuition donation is greatly reduced due to the world’s economic status at this time.  This degree may very possibly open doors for you to reach more people in your ministry.

Here is something you may not know:  There are thousands of Bible scholars around the world who believe that God will call for the Rapture to occur sometime between the years of 2018 to 2023.  No one knows when God will call His Believers home and that is why it is so important to love the Lord, serve Him, and be ready whenever He calls.  Someone needs to hear you say, God loves you through His Son Jesus Christ.

To get even deeper in understanding the things of God, to find out who you are in God, and how to tell others about the things of the Lord,  just click onto the title: Books and CDs.

Do not ever forget that you are an important person to God and He so much desires to have you in His presence.  If it were not so then He would not have sent to us His son, Jesus Christ.

Hello to those of you who seek more truth about the things of God. Thank you for taking your valuable time to look through my writings.  I hope you find something that interest you or that you were looking for.  I was fifty years of age before I realized that God is exactly who He says He is and I sure am glad that He allowed me to live long enough to find Him.  I hope that you have truly found the Lord.   Dr. Joe.