The Church is in trouble. Give God the worship, praise, and respect He accepts

Just because someone knows what the Holy Bible says does not guarantee them a place in Heaven. The church, referring to the people that is, are in trouble. Keep reading.

Mankind’s and womankind’s definition of love is meaningless. The question to ask is: What is God’s definition of love?

The Church is in trouble. Give God the worship, praise, and respect He accepts or loose your chance to get into Heaven.

The greatest majority of the people in the world do not know God or His heart. The author of this web site used to be the same way until God revealed Himself in August of 1995, then in October of 1998 and then many, many times since then. This web site helps to begin the journey to know the Lord God Almighty. From his heart and simple writing style Dr. Joe has combined his 7 books into 1 super book involving an eleven year writing period. After reading this home page feel free to take a look at: Joe’s book.

The true and real My Happy Church worshipers praise and worship the Lord in their spirit from their heart. Always give God the worship, praise, and respect He accepts.

Be careful of what you see in person, on TV, or the Internet that may seem like fun and enjoyment. Remember, there may be ways of the world involved that lead people away from worship that is pleasing and acceptable unto the Lord. My soul deserves the best that the Lord has to offer me; therefore, I must offer God worship from my heart and not my flesh. What does your soul deserve?

God’s grace is wonderful; therefore, if we have truly received God’s grace then we realize we should present to God a pleasing and acceptable lifestyle reflecting that we have truly received His grace. You can observe people and see if they have outwardly received God’s grace, or not.

About three billion [plus] people on the earth claim to be Christian. However, this is what people need to be asking: Does God recognize me as Christian? Simply put, Jesus Christ is the earth name of God. Don’t battle me about this as it is in the Holy Bible.  You try to tell God that Jesus is not of Him and see how far you get into Heaven and eternity. I provide evidence that Jesus is God. Check out my writings and my book, if you are interested.

Christianity means: The fellowship, praise, and worship unto I am Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and the Ending, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. I am the first and the last: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death. Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame. Christ Jesus is God.

The scope of Christianity is to be ready anytime during the Beginning and the Ending and all that happens in-between of that Beginning and that Ending. That is what gives the soul peace and hope. Your faith speaks volumes to God. The beauty about the Lord God Almighty is that you can praise and worship Him anywhere, anytime, and as informal as your frame of mind may be at the moment or the dirtiest job you may be doing, He will accept your praise unto Him if you truly have Him in your heart. Your praises, thankfulness, seeking His guidance and direction throughout the week brings Him great joy as that is the barometer of your faith.

I do not need to mock, criticize, or putdown another person’s religion or belief. I know what I have and I am confident.

1- Religion, or even celebrating one’s flesh body can be a stumbling block preventing someone from truly seeing the glory of the Lord God Almighty. What so much of mankind and womankind has done with religion and denomination greatly saddens me.

You will not go to Heaven because of religion or denomination because…you…are the church. When God calls for the church to come up into Heaven He will not rip church buildings off their foundations and take them into Heaven. God will be calling those who truly have Him in their heart. If God and Himself as Jesus Christ and Himself as His Holy Spirit is in a person’s heart then that person is the church. Are you the church?

Do not consider your soul a piece of useless trash before God, the creator of love. Your soul is the most important part of your entire being. Not your face, your body, your knowledge, your dreams, your desires, your education, your earthly status, but your soul is more precious than silver or gold. The soul has 6 elements with 60 sub-elements, and yes, the soul has the number 6 upon it and only the Blood of Jesus can remove that 6 and make your soul perfect before the Lord. I go into great detail about the soul in my book which you can view at the bottom of this page.

2- The Holy Bible…is not…a fairy tale. I want to share with you the untouchable accuracy of the Bible. Click onto…Bible Accuracy…which, hopefully, is at the top or bottom of your particular reading device. My short summary is taken from my book Nuggets of Gold to Feed the Soul which you can view at the bottom of this home page.

3- Every second three people die which is about one-million people every four days. For the sake of your precious soul be prepared.

4- You have worth. Suicide or the harming of another person is not the answer. You have worth while on this earth. You may question your worth, but let me tell you, you have worth and to have God in your heart is the beginning of understanding your worth. Having God = understanding worth.

5- Share this web site with your friends and media friends, that is, if you care about them. If you are not a church fellowship person then let this web site speak for you to others. All you have to say is that you believe in Christ Jesus and Him crucified for your sins and resurrected to give you life, and share this web site.

Godly church fellowships are of the greatest importance throughout the world. Not all churches are Godly but if you find a Godly church, a Godly pastor, and Godly members then you have something special. To have a Godly church is wonderful. On the other hand there are people who have reasons not to go to a church. Either way, church fellowship people and non-church people need to  be able to say: My Happy Church is my happy heart for God. And always teach the children starting at the age of conception in the things of the Lord. The children belong to their parents and to the Lord. Who do you belong to?

If you are between churches or do not care to go to church then let the pages in this simple web site, My Happy Church, open up Heaven for you. Absorb these pages to plan for your love journey to understand God.

6- Read something out of the Bible everyday. A daily devotion book with Scripture is great, or a daily devotion book with Scripture references to locate in your own personal Bible is also a wonderful way to start or end you day. Read a Bible translation you understand.

7-  You see, in a nut shell, the purpose of the Holy Bible is to prepare you to go to Heaven the way God presents for you. That’s it.  All you need to know is God’s love for you and for you to travel His prescribed love journey to Him. Simple, and so many people make it so complicated.

The wonderful Holy Bible is simply this: God expressing His love and people traveling in their love journey to God. It is so simple. Each individual author of the Holy Bible wrote their love journey to God. Each of us should travel to God with a primary love journey and then carry with us one or two secondary love adventures pleasing to Him. Personally, my primary love journey to God is writing.

A love journey to God can be associated with your personal church group fellowship of Believers, or your individual and personal love journey. Love journeys to God can be to: speak, write, prayer intercession, teach, church administration-business affairs-property upkeep, activities leader or assistance, preach, sing, help the needy, visiting-comforting-listening, give or present a testimony. Or, you may have a different love journey to God. Remember, a love journey to God is when God accepts your love journey. Do not let your pride make you think that your…so called…love journey is accepted by God. What is your primary love journey to God. No love journey honoring God = no Heaven for you. Ouch! [think about James 2:20]

Want to put a smile on God’s face? Do this. Several times each morning, several times each afternoon, and several times each evening say: Praise Jesus. What a change in your life you will begin to experience when you put a smile on God’s face.

8-  You do not have to understand how God did, does, or will do everything, just accept it and Believe it. It is so simple. Knowing Bible accuracy supports Believing in God. People can trash their soul if they wish but your soul deserves the best, right?

9-We do not ask you for your money. You decide how to use your money. Give to your church. Give someone something to eat, clothes, a visit, a cake or pie [be mindful of those with diabetes] , or let them know that they are in your thoughts and prayers. Help a ministry. When you help someone say from your heart: Lord, I do this because you first loved me.

10-  Click onto all the links in this web site to help establish your foundation and journey to go to Heaven. Find out how much God loves you. Even if you work in an anti-God environment God still loves you. Even if you work on Sunday God still loves you. Find others who are Believers and praise the Lord together. Pray for and in your own personal way support a ministry that truly assists people in need. We do not judge why someone is down-and-out, we just love them in the name of Jesus.

11- Also, if qualified, you can earn your Doctor of Theology degree through our seminary while you stay at home. Click onto links at the top or bottom of your reading device Seminary step 1, then go to Seminary step-2, and then go to Seminary step-3 for the complete program. We do not ask for your tuition up front but ask you to complete your study program and then send it with your tuition. Check out our program. Our e-mail address is:


12- Check out Dr. Joe’s book by clicking onto this green letter link: Amazon After reading this book you will know more about God and His heart than the greatest number of the people in the world. Knowing what the Bible says is one thing, but having God’s heart in your heart is what Heaven-bound is all about. Just because someone knows what the Bible says does not mean they are going to Heaven. What is pleasing to God is when He sees His heart in your heart. What is in your heart?


13- See video of Dr. Joe about the Seminary. This is the only video we have released. If we release any other videos then the link will be at this location.

Understand God now.